7:30 AM–8:30 AM
Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM–8:40 AM
Welcome Remarks
Goldy Kamali, Founder & CEO, Scoop News Group
Sean Berg, SVP & GM, Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure, Forcepoint
8:40 AM–9:00 AM
9:00 AM–9:15 AM
Christopher Krebs, Undersecretary, National Protection & Programs Directorate, DHS
9:15 AM–9:35 AM
Kevin Cox, CDM Program Manager, DHS
Eric Trexler, VP, Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure Sales, Forcepoint
9:35 AM–10:00 AM
Micah Czigan, Associate Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity, Dept. of Energy
Larry Hale, Director, IT Security Subcategory, Office of IT Category Management, GSA
Chad Sheridan, CIO, Risk Management Agency, USDA
Moderator: Guy Filippelli, VP, Solutions Data & Insider Threat, Forcepoint
10:00 AM–10:15 AM
Cybersecurity Assessments
Rob Karas, Director, National Cybersecurity Assessments & Technical Services, DHS
10:15 AM–10:40 AM
Royce Allen, Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect, Office of Cybersecurity Policy & Compliance, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Claudio Belloli, FedRAMP Program Manager for Cybersecurity, GSA
Jon Check, Sr. Director of Cyber Protection Solutions, Raytheon
Lauren Knausenberger, Director, Cyberspace Innovation, U.S. Air Force
Moderator: Heath Thompson, SVP & GM, Commercial Security, Forcepoint
10:40 AM–11:00 AM
Networking Break
11:00 AM–11:25 AM
David Hatchell, CEO, Industrial Cyber Secure
Shawn Matheny, CIO & Director, Division of Information Technology, AHRQ
Moderator: Dr. Richard Ford, Chief Scientist, Forcepoint
11:25 AM–11:55 AM
Mark Hakun, Deputy CIO, NSA
Brig. Gen. Kevin Nally, CIO, U.S. Secret Service
Michael Theis, Chief Counterintelligence Expert & Technical Lead for Insider Threat Research, CERT Insider Threat Center, Carnegie Mellon University
Moderator: Sean Berg, SVP & GM, Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure, Forcepoint
11:55 AM–12:10 PM
DOD's Operational Technology Protection
George Duchak, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command & Control, Communications & Networks, Cyber & Business Systems, DOD
12:10 PM–12:25 PM
Protecting Key Assets & Securing Your Enterprise
Bill Evanina, Director, National Counterintelligence & Security Center, ODNI
12:25 PM–12:30 PM
Closing Remarks
Goldy Kamali, Founder & CEO, Scoop News Group
Sean Berg, SVP & GM, Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure, Forcepoint
12:30 PM–1:30 PM
Networking Lunch
1:30 PM–2:15 PM
2:20 PM–3:00 PM
3:00 PM–4:30 PM
Networking Reception

* Pending Agency Approval

Transforming Cybersecurity to Protect Our Citizens, Infrastructure & Economy

A perfect storm of forces has stretched traditional cybersecurity to a breaking point. Federal civilian agencies, military organizations and the intelligence community must continue to address the opportunities and challenges in digital transformation and cloud adoption while understanding how enemies get into the network and preventing harm. Legacy solutions that focus on threat blocking and static assessments will fail in this digital world. A totally new approach to cyber is needed to protect our nation, citizens, infrastructure and economy.

CDM: A New Way to Defend

Fireside chat with Kevin Cox, the CDM Program Manager. Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) can help federal agencies become more prepared by becoming more proactive. A discussion on the current and future status of the civilian government CDM program.

Signal to Noise — How Analytics Help Security Analysts Identify & Mitigate Real Risks

Today's typical security stack can produce a lot of data: network logs, endpoint security logs, sensor data, change events, etc. Security analysts are drowning in a sea of noisy security alerts, including a lot of false alarms, and it’s not cost-effective to keep hiring more and more analysts to sift through all the alerts. Learn how leading organizations are sorting through all this noise to identify the signals that point to real, imminent risks, and take action to mitigate.

Empowering the Smart & Secure Adoption of Cloud Solutions

A key step in any digital transformation strategy is figuring out how to best leverage cloud – from IaaS to SaaS – to continue to expand capabilities and improve service delivery anytime, anywhere for agency constituents to better achieve mission objectives. Hear how government agencies and departments can benefit from the security lessons and improvements driven by commercial enterprise adoption.

Securing Critical Infrastructure Across Daunting Domains

This panel of experts will address some of the key problems organizations face as they manage security around the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Critical Infrastructure systems. Hear how agencies work across the operational aspects of the infrastructure including their manufacturer ecosystem necessary to support them and the unique security challenges these areas face in the evolving threat landscape.

Insider Threats Walking Upright & Right Through Your Doors

The evolution of threats mirrors the March of Progress – from an unrecognizable enemy to a regular guy walking upright, right through your company’s doors with new tactics to commit fraud and sabotage. In today's zero perimeter world, we need to be more focused on dealing with internal threats, not just external. This panel will discuss effective insider threat mitigation drawing on decades of experience to discuss what works and what does not. They'll highlight the need to recognize context and intent of user behavior for early and accurate threat detection and the future of effective mitigation through risk adaptive protection.