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DHS’s Nadia Carlsten on how the government is funding security startups

by Greg Otto • 14 hours ago

DHS' Nadia Carlsten explains how the Department of Homeland Security can provide funding for early-stage security startups

Endgame’s Mike Nichols on how enterprises should adopt automation

by Greg Otto • 2 days ago

Endgame's director of product management talks with Greg Otto about how private companies are coming around on threat hunting.

NERC’s Marcus Sachs on keeping APTs away from critical infrastructure

by Greg Otto • 1 week ago

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation's Chief Security Officer talks about the best practices for protecting the connected electrical grid and what lessons were learned from the 2014 Ukraine power outage.

Melissa Ho on how security startups can get involved with DHS

by Greg Otto • 1 week ago

The Managing Director of the Department of Homeland Security's Silicon Valley Office tells Shaun Waterman how security startups can turn DHS into a customer.

Mark Turnage on the ‘secret sauce’ of scanning the dark web

by Greg Otto • 1 week ago

OWL Cybersecurity CEO Mark Turnage talks with Patrick Howell O'Neill on how dark web intelligence firms pair up with private companies in the quest to keep PII out of criminals' possession.

BT’s Mark Hughes on the cycle of cybersecurity trends

by Greg Otto • 1 week ago

BT Security's CEO Mark Hughes talks with Shaun Waterman about the trends he is seeing across the way array of customers his company works with.