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Ixia’s Steve McGregory on how businesses are responding to Mirai

by Greg Otto • 2 days ago

Ixia's Senior Director of Threat Intelligence talks about what he has seen in regards to the Mirai botnet and how enterprises can guard against their devices being co-opted into the malicious network.

Raytheon’s Joshua Douglas on moving from reactive to proactive cybersecurity

by cyber_admin • 3 days ago

Raytheon CTO Joshua Douglas talks with Greg Otto about his company's work in securing the electrical grid and what enterprises can do to be proactive in stopping threats.

Abhinav Gupta on how Samsung makes Android secure

by Greg Otto • 4 days ago

Samsung's Director of Global KNOX Solutions Abinhav Gupta tells Shaun Waterman how the company is working to protect their users across their entire suite of devices.

Intel Security’s Steve Grobman on evolving threats and enterprise endpoints

by Greg Otto • 5 days ago

Chief Technology Officer for Intel Security Steve Grobman talks with Greg Otto on how his company is helping enterprises adjust the growing amount of threats they deal with every day.

Splunk’s Monzy Merza on how enterprises are embracing automation

by Greg Otto • 6 days ago

Splunk's Director of Security Research talks about how enterprises are using his company's tools to automate and protect enterprises from evolving threats.

Verizon’s Bryan Sartin on the latest data breach trends

by Greg Otto • 1 week ago

Bryan Sartin, executive director of global security services at Verizon, talks with Shaun Waterman about the company's latest Data Breach Digest Report.