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The Cyberspace Solarium Commission pushed some major policies into law. So what now?

by Tim Starks • 4 months ago

It's going to track how its recommendations are implemented, and study some issues where it only scratched the surface.

White House preps order to clarify top cyber roles in federal government

by Tim Starks • 8 months ago

It would be the second major E.O. after a May directive on federal agencies' digital defenses.

Seven years later, DHS set to roll out dramatic changes to system for hiring cyber pros

by Tim Starks • 8 months ago

It will change how DHS cyber personnel are paid, how they're evaluated after applying and how they're assessed for raises.

Burnout adds to cyber talent crisis, forcing bosses to get creative with hiring

by Jeff Stone • 8 months ago

It's harder to stop ransomware at a hospital when your kids need help logging into Zoom for school.

As attention grows, #ShareTheMicInCyber leaders explain why mid-career talent matters

by Tonya Riley • 8 months ago

"Getting this right is mission-critical," co-founder Lauren Zabierek explained.

DHS hails cybersecurity hiring blitz that puts dent in thousands of vacancies

by Tim Starks • 12 months ago

DHS hired hundreds in a "sprint," to the tune of a 12% improvement.