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Russian cybercrime continues as government-backed attacks on companies dwindle, CrowdStrike says

by Tim Starks • 4 months ago

Russian government-backed groups have turned their attention elsewhere, while the local ransomware scene thrives.

Biden says 'shooting war' could break out with foreign heavyweights over cyberattacks

by Tim Starks • 6 months ago

The saber-rattling comes amid ongoing fallout from hacks that originated in Russia.

Biden says he gave Putin list of 16 sectors that should be off-limits to hacking

by Sean Lyngaas • 7 months ago

The bilateral meeting came weeks after two disruptive ransomware attacks.

DOJ didn't ask for Russia's help tracking down Colonial Pipeline hackers, senior official says

by Sean Lyngaas • 7 months ago

John Demers equated such an ask to a waste of time.

Biden, Putin conduct diplomatic dance over hypothetical hacker exchange

by Jeff Stone • 7 months ago

The two world leaders are scheduled to meet on Wednesday amid a spate of ransomware attacks.

Chinese hackers implicated in breach of Russian government agencies

by Sean Lyngaas • 7 months ago

An unusual report from Russia's Federal Security Service has caused a stir.