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15 major companies announce effort to tackle cybersecurity workforce recruitment issues

by Shannon Vavra • 4 months ago

Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, and more are working to nix requirements and eliminate gender-biased job descriptions.

The struggle with simplifying the government's cybersecurity efforts

by Greg Otto • 12 months ago

RSA Public Sector was full of discussions on why federal cybersecurity needs to be simplified. How to get there? The opinions differ.

Yahoo to pay up to $85m to settle data breach lawsuit

by Greg Otto • 1 year ago

It's one of the largest data breach settlements in U.S. history, and it's the latest in a series of legal consequences related to security issues at Yahoo.

Ransomware, phishing and pretexting are on the rise: Verizon

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 2 years ago

Ransomware is the most prevalent malware attack and the human element continues to be a weak link in cybersecurity, Verizon reports.

Verizon acquires startup Niddel and its automated threat hunting platform

by Greg Otto • 2 years ago

Niddel offers a threat hunting platform that relies on machine learning, removing the need for human analysts to write code or process data in order to stop threats.

How Verizon delicately handled the Yahoo breach

by cyber_admin • 2 years ago

Craig Silliman, Verizon’s EVP of Public Policy and General Counsel, said Verizon didn't panic when Yahoo announced a very bad breach in late 2016.

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