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Twitter scrubs nearly 5,000 accounts tied to state-backed information operations

by Shannon Vavra • 1 month ago

The takedown also highlights the difficulty of correct attribution.

Not quite fake news: Twitter accounts amplify old stories to sow discord

by Jeff Stone • 1 month ago

The shift to use more real news marks a subtle upgrade in anti-detection techniques.

Russian Twitter bots lay dormant for months before impersonating activists

by Jeff Stone • 1 month ago

Not only did Russia's troll farm promote disinformation, a small handful tried making a buck, too.

Middle East-linked social media accounts impersonated U.S. candidates before 2018 elections

by Shannon Vavra • 2 months ago

On Facebook, the suspicious activity involved reaching out to policymakers, reporters, academics, and dissidents.

Twitter says bug gave ad partner access to iOS users' location information

by Jeff Stone • 2 months ago

The company says it intended to remove location data from within advertisers' reach, even if it didn't.

Nearly 6,000 Twitter accounts magnified recent far-right messaging on Brexit, F-Secure says

by Jeff Stone • 4 months ago

Typical messages examined during the timeframe in question included posts criticizing credible media outlets, accusations that immigrants were killing house pets, and graphic images of violent protests.

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