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Why Tornado Cash sanctions are drawing fierce criticism, potential court challenge from crypto group

by Tonya Riley

Sanctions against the cryptocurrency mixer have ignited concern from industry stakeholders, privacy advocates and legal experts.

Cryptocurrency 'mixers' see record transactions from sanctioned actors

by Tonya Riley

An increase in funds sent from illicit addresses has accelerated the rise, indicating the technology remains attractive to cyber criminals.

FBI, CISA, Treasury: North Korean hackers taking aim at health care with Maui ransomware

by Tim Starks

The ransomware has previously received little public scrutiny.

U.S. cybersecurity officials issue notice on Karakurt extortion group

by AJ Vicens

The suspected Conti ransomware group spinoff employs a variety of attack methods, the notice warns.

Treasury sanctions virtual currency mixer Blender for money laundering

by Suzanne Smalley

Blender was used to launder $20.5 million of the $620 million that the Treasury Department alleges North Korean hackers stole in March.

In a first, Treasury Department sanctions major cryptocurrency mining firm

by Tonya Riley

Treasury: "By operating vast server farms that sell virtual currency mining capacity internationally, these companies help Russia monetize its natural resources."