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AppGuard gets $30 million investment, wraps it in a boast

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 2 weeks ago

"Our product has 100 percent efficacy," new CEO Jon Loew said. "We hope it remains that way."

'Nation-state' hackers increase sabotage attempts aimed at Western energy companies

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 3 weeks ago

"We have not seen this scale of attack, the aggressiveness and penetration, in the U.S. before," one researcher said.

Isolating browsers from the web's 'cesspool': Why Symantec bought FireGlass

by Shaun Waterman • 3 months ago

Security giant Symantec has bought Israeli start-up FireGlass for an undisclosed sum, saying the browser isolation technology the small company has developed is the future of internet security and will soon become ubiquitous.

Amid Kaspersky controversy, Russia considers pushing out foreign competitors

by Chris Bing • 3 months ago

Under the plan, it will become mandatory for any computer that is imported or produced within the Eurasian Economic Union to carry anti-virus software that is made by a country within the group.

Worldwide effort underway to stop massive ransomware outbreak

by Chris Bing • 3 months ago

An apparent outbreak of Petya ransomware appears to be affecting a large number of banks, energy firms and other companies based in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Britain and France.

Ransomware attacks are rarely being reported to the FBI, new data shows

by Chris Bing • 3 months ago

An absurdly small number of companies affected by ransomware reported the incidents to the feds last year, newly released FBI data shows.

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