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Yubico's Stina Ehrensvärd on her company's newest key

by CyberScoop Staff • 1 year ago

Yubico CEO Stina Ehrensvärd talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about the YubiKey 5Ci and the authentication protocols behind the key that are becoming ubiquitous.

Will two-factor authentication ever be widely used?

by CyberScoop Staff • 2 years ago

Yubico co-founder Stina Ehrensvärd talks with Greg Otto on the push to make two-factor authentication a technological staple.

Yubico CEO: Two-factor authentication should mirror seat belt's history

by Greg Otto • 2 years ago

Yubico CEO Stina Ehrensvard believes the right path for increasing adoption of the security practice is to follow the rise of seat belts in automobiles.

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