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Facebook reinstates NSO Group employee accounts amid ongoing lawsuit

by Shannon Vavra • 6 days ago

After a months-long court battle, Facebook has reinstated four accounts of people employed by Israeli software surveillance firm NSO Group.

Moroccan journalist targeted by NSO Group spyware, Amnesty International says

by Shannon Vavra • 2 weeks ago

Amnesty International said Sunday its Security Lab found evidence of abuse on a Moroccan journalist’s cell phone that can be tied back to NSO Group spyware.

Research shows human rights activists in India were targeted with spyware

by Shannon Vavra • 3 weeks ago

Human rights activists in India were targeted by a coordinated spyware campaign, according to research published by Amnesty International and Citizen Lab.

Senate Intelligence Committee wants DNI to investigate commercial spyware threats

by Shannon Vavra • 4 weeks ago

The committee wants the DNI to specifically address the threat posed to U.S. citizens, in addition to those living abroad or employed by the U.S. government.

Rod Rosenstein is working with NSO Group, the Israeli firm accused of spying on dissidents

by Shannon Vavra • 1 month ago

The former number two at the Department of Justice has been providing counsel to NSO Group, the firm accused of spying on associates of Jamal Khashoggi.

Tool targeting Android users in Thailand looks to be work of sloppy spyware startup

by Shannon Vavra • 2 months ago

A remote access trojan linked with spyware firm Wolf Research is targeting Thai Android users, Cisco Talos found.

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