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The FCC wants to force phone carriers to guard against SIM-swapping scams

by Tonya Riley • 2 weeks ago

SIM-swapping can lead to identity and financial fraud.

Police say scammers who used email fraud, SIM swapping are connected to Italian mafia

by Jeff Stone • 4 weeks ago

The bust is the latest evidence hinting at the extent to which established organized crime groups are adopting hacking methods.

SIM swapping victim alleges T-Mobile failed to stop $20,000 cryptocurrency scam

by Jeff Stone • 5 months ago

The stolen funds would be worth $65,000 today, the suit claims.

Crypto scammer who threatened victims' families pleads guilty, faces 2-year minimum

by Jeff Stone • 6 months ago

Eric Meiggs, 23, is one of multiple defendants charged as part of the years-long fraud effort.

SIM-swapping gang busted for targeting 'influencers, sports stars, musicians'

by Joe Warminsky • 8 months ago

International police did not name specific victims. The crooks were able to steal about $100 million in cryptocurrency as well as personal data.

Hackers breached Twitter accounts by targeting employees by phone

by Jeff Stone • 1 year ago

The exact circumstances remain shrouded in mystery.