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Taiwanese government sites hit with DDoS attacks ahead of Pelosi's visit

by AJ Vicens

One attack appears to have shut down the president of Taiwan's website Tuesday before Nancy Pelosi's historic visit.

SANS Institute, which drills cyber professionals in defense, suffers data breach

by Sean Lyngaas

A phishing email led to 28,000 PII records being exposed.

Critics slam cyber-hygiene bill as redundant, confusing

by Shaun Waterman

Critics say the bill, if passed, won't be effective because best practices are widely ignored.

Recruitment and retention of 'cyber ninjas' doesn't have to be a dark art, report says

by Shaun Waterman

Large systems integrators turn out to be the government contractors with the best track record in recruiting and retaining a technically skilled cybersecurity workforce, the SANS Institute found.