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Qualys researchers uncover 21 bugs in Exim mail servers

by Shannon Vavra • 6 months ago

It's the kind of access the NSA has described as a "dream" for Russian hackers.

France blames Sandworm, a notorious Russian group, for breach that leveraged IT provider

by Jeff Stone • 8 months ago

The incident bears similarites to the espionage campaign that leveraged SolarWinds software to infiultrate U.S. agencies.

NSA calls out Russian military hackers targeting mail relay software

by Shannon Vavra • 1 year ago

The National Security Agency has issued a rare warning publicly attributing exploitation activity to Russian government hackers working for the GRU.

In rare move, State Department calls out Russia for attacks on Georgia last year

by Shannon Vavra • 2 years ago

Thursday's announcement was the first time the U.S. government connected the GRU to the hacking group known as Sandworm.

Why one researcher mimicked Russian hackers in breaking into a European utility

by Sean Lyngaas • 2 years ago

Jason Larsen was tired of hearing how skilled Sandworm was, so he used one of their techniques to improve a client's security.

'Sandworm' book review: To understand cyberwar, you must understand Ukraine

by Greg Otto • 2 years ago

The new book explains why Ukraine has been linked to almost every major cyberattack and how cyberwarfare's ultimate consquence is the danger to people's lives.