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Cybersecurity experts question Microsoft's Ukraine report

by Suzanne Smalley • 13 hours ago

Critics said claims of a combined cyber and battlefield attack against a Ukrainian nuclear power plant are particularly irresponsible.

Hacktivist personas back latest GhostWriter disinfo op targeting Poland, Ukraine

by AJ Vicens • 1 day ago

Pro-Russian hacktivist channels amplified the Belarusian disinformation campaign, marking an interesting development, researchers said.

Lawmakers want to restrict user data sales to nations like China, Russia

by Tonya Riley • 1 week ago

The bill tasks the Department of Commerce with creating new export rules.

Research questions potentially dangerous implications of Ukraine's IT Army

by AJ Vicens • 1 week ago

Volunteer hacking efforts could unwittingly pull countries or private companies into a murky geopolitical mess, a researcher says.

Ukrainian cybersecurity officials disclose two new hacking campaigns

by AJ Vicens • 1 week ago

Both efforts relied on malicious documents, officials said.

DOJ, international law enforcement disrupt massive RSOCKS botnet

by AJ Vicens • 2 weeks ago

The search warrant targeted a Florida hosting company alleged to have facilitated the botnet activity.