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Senator questions DHS's handling of Kaspersky software ban in federal agencies

by Chris Bing • 2 months ago

A senior U.S. official pushed back against Sen. Claire McCaskill's criticism concerning the 90-day timeframe provided by the Department of Homeland Security for federal agencies to uninstall Kaspersky Lab products.

Capitol Hill comes for Equifax, demanding answers for massive breach

by Chris Bing • 3 months ago

Lawmakers are putting pressure on Equifax after hackers were able to breach the credit reporting behemoth and compromise millions of customer records.

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to improve Internet of Things cybersecurity

by Chris Bing • 5 months ago

A new bill introduced in the Senate by Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Cory Gardner would establish a new set of cybersecurity standards for companies that hope to sell so-called "Internet of Things," or IoT, devices — like internet connected sensors or wearables — to federal agencies.

The Justice Department wants to help you run a vulnerability disclosure program

by Chris Bing • 5 months ago

The Justice Department quietly released guidelines last week to help interested companies effectively design their own software vulnerability disclosure programs.

Former CIA head: health care industry must quickly confront cybersecurity issues

by Ryan Johnston • 6 months ago

The health sector's continued expansion of network-connected technology will force greater cyber security efforts than ever before.

IBM: Blockchain good for governent services

by Shaun Waterman • 11 months ago

Trailblazers are leading blockchain adoption in four areas of government operations: Citizen services, regulatory compliance, identity authentication and contract management.

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