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'Disgruntled insider' shared REvil information with researchers, helped law enforcement

by AJ Vicens

REvil was among the most notorious ransomware crews until international attention and arrests hobbled the group.

U.S. government takes sweeping action against Iranian hackers accused of ransomware spree

by AJ Vicens

The action from multiple U.S. departments is against 10 Iranians and two Iranian companies related to a spree of breaches and cyberattacks.

State Department bounty program for cybercriminal tips has 'born fruit,' top FBI official says

by Suzanne Smalley

A top FBI cyber official says the program encourages people with intimate knowledge of cybercrime to report details to the U.S. government.

Health care IT workers report increased cyberattacks affecting patient care

by AJ Vicens

More than half of the respondents to a health care cybersecurity survey say their organizations suffered a ransomware attack in the past year.

Albania cuts diplomatic ties with Iran after July cyberattack

by AJ Vicens

A group called "Homeland Justice," which the Albanian government said is a front for Iranian hackers, took responsibility for the cyberattacks.

Another European nation hit by hackers, Montenegro grapples with ongoing ransomware attack

by AJ Vicens

The wave of digital assaults on Montenegro includes a ransomware attack that's crippled multiple government services.