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Microsoft patches two critical vulnerabilities comparable to BlueKeep

by Sean Lyngaas • 2 weeks ago

Like BlueKeep and the bug involved in WannaCry, the new vulnerabilities are "wormable."

Microsoft SharePoint vulnerability allows hackers to sift through servers, Saudi authorities warn

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 months ago

The attacks are an example of how a file-sharing service can be abused to gather valuable information on a target.

Automox raises $9.3 million in Series A for automated patch management

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 9 months ago

Automox’s cloud-based platform helps enterprises manage and patch the various devices and programs that run on their networks.

The three stages of patch management around WannaCry

by CyberScoop Staff • 1 year ago

Qualys Director of Project Management Jimmy Graham talks with Greg Otto about data showing how organizations managed patches around WannaCry.

Tanium gets $100 million investment, raises value to $3.75 billion

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 2 years ago

The raise comes in the shadow of various controversies for the world's largest private cybersecurity firm.

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