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Google: We've been storing some enterprise customer passwords in plaintext since 2005

by Sean Lyngaas • 5 days ago

Google is encouraging enterprise administrators to have users reset their passwords.

Facebook security notice announces millions of Instagram users had their passwords stored in plaintext

by Jeff Stone • 1 month ago

The update increases the amount of people impacted by a March security notice.

Facebook: hundreds of millions of passwords were stored in plaintext on internal networks

by Jeff Stone • 2 months ago

There is no evidence anyone outside Facebook viewed the passwords.

Can Google's security push overcome the public's eroded trust?

by Jeff Stone • 3 months ago

Confusion and exasperation with the state of basic consumer hygiene may be doing more damage than a breach ever could.

Nearly 773 million email addresses leaked, spelling trouble for people who re-use passwords

by Jeff Stone • 4 months ago

Some 140 million email addresses and 10 million passwords are new to Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned website, the free service that tracks whether user credentials have been made available in data dumps.

Researchers find hardcoded passwords in popular building-access system

by Greg Otto • 4 months ago

The company behind the product has failed to issue patches to fix the issue, despite researchers best efforts to contact the company.

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