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US Cyber Command highlights Palo Alto Networks security patch, citing foreign espionage

by Jeff Stone • 1 week ago

The issue ranks as a 10.0 on the severity scale.

Palo Alto Networks reveals D-Link home router vulnerabilities

by Shannon Vavra • 4 weeks ago

D-Link fixed the issues in a recent patch.

Nigerian email scammers upped their game, averaging 90,000 attacks monthly in 2019

by Jeff Stone • 3 months ago

The "SilverTerrier" group has evolved into a mature hacking threat over the past five years, researchers say.

How security and DevOps teams can agree on cloud infrastructure

by CyberScoop Staff • 4 months ago

Matt Chiodi, Chief Security Officer for Public Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, talks with Greg Otto on how his company is helping enterprises set up cloud instances.

Hackers spearphished U.S. government agency with North Korea-related content last year

by Shannon Vavra • 6 months ago

Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 found more activity that appears to be from a group that so far has evaded attribution, but has shown certain habits in its spearphishing campaigns.

This China-linked espionage group keeps trying to hack the Cambodian government

by Sean Lyngaas • 7 months ago

Rancor has tried to break into the network of an unnamed Cambodian government organization and deploy their custom malware.

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