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Cybersecurity policymaking is out of focus. Bureaucracy hackers can help.

by cyber_admin • 3 weeks ago

Op-Ed: Most of the time, policymaking is a reactionary process. By then, it's already too late. Imagine if we had someone proactively identifying trouble spots down the road. That could change everything.

The new organization needed to digitally protect the U.S.

by cyber_admin • 8 months ago

Op-Ed: Mike Janke asks how much longer can we continue to tolerate the daily theft of our nation's secrets and innovations? The answer doesn’t lie with our government, nor with commercial firms. There is a better way.

10 ways to secure sensitive information on AWS

by cyber_admin • 9 months ago

Op-ed: Skyhigh Networks' Sekhar Sarukkai looks at how enterprises should protect themselves in order to avoid a repeat of the Deep Root Analytics incident.

Why a global cybersecurity Geneva convention is not going to happen

by Dave Aitel • 9 months ago

Op-ed: Dave Aitel says there are so many problems with the way governments deal with cybersecurity that a universally agreed-upon set of norms is a pipe dream.

Software-defined secure networking is ideal for hybrid cloud security

by Tim Solms • 11 months ago

Op-ed: Agencies to stop talking about network security and start talking about secure networks.

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