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Chris Inglis confirmed as first US national cyber director after Senate vote

by Tonya Riley • 3 months ago

The new role will play a key part in coordinating the government response to major hacks and other cybersecurity threats.

IronNet's Jamil Jaffer on U.S. deterrence efforts in cyberspace

by Jeff Stone • 2 years ago

IronNet's Jamil Jaffer talks about the ways the U.S. government is trying to stop nation-states from carrying out hacking attempts.

NSA's Anne Neuberger on what enterprises need to weigh when it comes to cloud security

by Jeff Stone • 2 years ago

The head of NSA's Cybersecurity Directorate talks about all the factors — new and old — enterprises should examine when they are moving to the cloud.

Securiosity: A month's worth of news, packed into a week

by Jeff Stone • 2 years ago

Among the things discussed this week: NSA tools being repurposed, the DOJ indicting or extraditing a ton of hackers, cryptocurrency being stolen, kinetic attacks, election security drama, dark web marketplaces, and multiple rounds of funding. Yeah, it was a busy week.