Albania cuts diplomatic ties with Iran after July cyberattack

by AJ Vicens

A group called "Homeland Justice," which the Albanian government said is a front for Iranian hackers, took responsibility for the cyberattacks.

Another European nation hit by hackers, Montenegro grapples with ongoing ransomware attack

by AJ Vicens

The wave of digital assaults on Montenegro includes a ransomware attack that's crippled multiple government services.

Hackers linked to the Chinese government increasingly target Russia, analysis suggests

by AJ Vicens

A recent phishing attempt targeting Russian entities involved long-established Chinese toolkits, experts said.

NATO to create cyber rapid response force, increase cyber defense aid to Ukraine

by Suzanne Smalley

The references the NATO declaration makes to cybersecurity depart from the past and reflect the increasing importance of cyberdefense to overall security, experts said.

Research questions potentially dangerous implications of Ukraine's IT Army

by AJ Vicens

Volunteer hacking efforts could unwittingly pull countries or private companies into a murky geopolitical mess, a researcher says.

Denial-of-service disrupts Finnish government sites during Zelenskyy speech

by Tim Starks

The incident also coincided with Finland openly weighing NATO membership and the Finns saying a Russian aircraft violated their airspace.