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NSA, DHS shine light on BlackMatter ransomware threat to food industry, demands of up to $15 million

by Tim Starks • 1 week ago

Monero appears to be a currency of choice.

FBI, CISA warn water facility operators of ongoing malicious cyber activity

by AJ Vicens • 2 weeks ago

Incidents occurred in Kansas, California, Maine, Nevada and New Jersey.

'Almost every nation' now has cyber vulnerability exploitation program, NSA official says

by Tim Starks • 4 weeks ago

Rob Joyce also shared his agenda as director of cybersecurity.

NSA, CISA share guidelines for securing VPNs as hacking groups keep busy

by Tim Starks • 4 weeks ago

"VPN servers are entry points into protected networks, making them attractive targets," said an NSA official.

CISA, FBI, NSA warn of increased attacks involving Conti ransomware

by Tonya Riley • 1 month ago

The Conti ransomware gang has already been linked to several major attacks this year.

Civil liberties groups pressure White House to fill surveillance oversight board

by Tonya Riley • 2 months ago

Civil rights groups say the shotage at the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board is leaving surveillance abuses unchecked.