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More details emerge on China's widespread Ukraine-related hacking efforts

by AJ Vicens • 2 months ago

China's decade-old Mustang Panda hacking group is adjusting both its tactics and lures, researchers say.

Research points to a Chinese hacking effort targeting a Russian border unit

by AJ Vicens • 2 months ago

The findings add detail to other suspected Chinese hacking campaigns in Europe related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Against backdrop of Russian-Ukraine war, researchers witness flurry of nation-aligned hacking

by AJ Vicens • 4 months ago

Polish, Ukrainian and European targets are facing a barrage of cyber operations, researchers say.

An espionage campaign spread its wings from Myanmar to the Philippines, raising new questions

by Tim Starks • 12 months ago

The alleged LuminousMoth campaign leapfrogged through Southeast Asia, while the victim count multiplied by more than 10.