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It's easy to fake Extended Validation certificates, research shows

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 6 days ago

EV certificates — the files that tell a browser to show the little green lock — are supposed to make crystal clear who owns a website. There's a way around it, though.

Study: Zero days rediscovered much faster

by Shaun Waterman • 5 months ago

The report comes as White House cybersecurity czar Rob Joyce says he is reviewing the Vulnerability Equities Process — the policy structure that decides whether zero days found by U.S. agencies should be disclosed to the manufacturer.

SHA-1 crypto algorithm is dead by collision attack

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 10 months ago

The SHA-1 algorithm is dead — except, of course, that it's still in wide use all around the internet.

Both malvertising and ad blockers saw huge growth in 2016

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 11 months ago

Advertising is at the heart of internet business. Malvertising is up, however, and so is ad blocking. Is something going to change?

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