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Experts, NSA cyber director say ransomware could threaten campaigns in 2022

by Tonya Riley • 3 weeks ago

Hackers are also widening their net to candidates' families and friends, experts say.

Previously unreported Lebanon-based hacking group targeting Israel, Microsoft says

by AJ Vicens • 4 weeks ago

The new group is suspected of collaborating with "multiple" Iranian-linked hacking efforts.

Europol says it disabled FluBot botnet infecting 'huge' number of devices

by Suzanne Smalley • 4 weeks ago

Botnets have proven hard to permanently eradicate in the past, suggesting Europol's success disabling the FluBot malware could be fleeting.

Office of the National Cyber Director hires Microsoft exec, CIA official

by Suzanne Smalley • 2 months ago

The Office of the National Cyber Director has hired several new staffers to strengthen its ability to fight significant hacks and coordinate how the U.S. responds to them.

Microsoft ties January Ukraine attack to notorious Sandworm group

by Tonya Riley • 2 months ago

Expect to see more attacks, Microsoft says.

Group behind Emotet botnet malware testing new methods to get around Microsoft security

by AJ Vicens • 2 months ago

Recent changes to Microsoft automation capabilities may be forcing cybercrime operators to adapt.