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Cyberattacks on Ukrainian websites come into clearer focus as Russia tensions escalate

by Tim Starks • 3 days ago

Ukraine is more explicitly blaming Russia for the cyberattacks.

Ransomware isn’t always about gangs making money. Sometimes it’s about nations manufacturing mayhem.

by Tim Starks • 3 days ago

Iran and perhaps China seem to have moved into the game of disruptive ransomware attacks.

White House hosts open-source software security summit in light of expansive Log4j flaw

by Tim Starks • 1 week ago

The meeting will combine tech leaders with feds.

Suspected Chinese hackers use Log4j flaw to deploy Night Sky ransomware, Microsoft warns

by AJ Vicens • 1 week ago

The findings coincide with U.S. government efforts to slow malicious cyber activity related to the issue, which is ubiquitous in the technology sector.

Intruders leverage Log4j flaw to breach Belgian Defense Department

by Tonya Riley • 1 month ago

The Belgian government has not named the attacker.

Court hands Microsoft control of websites linked to spying by Chinese hackers

by Tim Starks • 2 months ago

Nickel, aka APT15, Ke3chang and Vixen Panda, was snooping on government agencies and others, the company said.