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Zero-day exploits found and disclosed hit a record high in 2021, Google Project Zero says

by AJ Vicens • 1 month ago

There were 58 total. The good news: Detection and disclosure of zero-day exploits have increased, the research team says.

Information-stealing malware is spreading widely on Telegram, Cisco Talos says

by Suzanne Smalley • 1 month ago

The ZingoStealer information stealer identified by Cisco Talos threat analysts can exfiltrate credentials and steal cryptocurrency wallet information.

Russian hackers thwarted in attempt to take out electrical grid, Ukrainians say

by AJ Vicens • 1 month ago

Russian losses near Kyiv and a looming onslaught in eastern Ukraine may be a factor in the attack, a Ukrainian official said.

Treasury sanctions Russian research center blamed for Trisis malware

by Joe Warminsky • 2 months ago

The list also includes Evgeny Viktorovich Gladkikh, the researcher indicted for creating the malware, which targets industrial control systems.

Sandworm-linked botnet has another piece of hardware in its sights

by Joe Warminsky • 2 months ago

The CyclopsBlink malware is now targeting internet routers from hardware maker ASUS, Trend Micro researchers said.

'Most advanced' China-linked backdoor ever, Daxin, raises alarms for cyber-espionage investigators

by Joe Warminsky • 3 months ago

The Daxin malware is "on another level," according to researchers at Symantec.