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42% of Gmail scams targeted American users, Google finds

by Tim Starks • 2 weeks ago

Other risk factors include age, where one lives and whether they use Gmail more frequently.

Spies target gamers with malware inserted into software updates, ESET says

by Joe Warminsky • 3 weeks ago

It's a supply-chain attack against a limited users of NoxPlayer, which allows people to play Android games on PCs and Macs.

MacOS backdoor appears to be update of tool previously used by Vietnam-linked group

by Joe Warminsky • 3 months ago

Researchers at Trend Micro say a newly discovered MacOS backdoor uses tactics previously associated with the group known as APT32 or OceanLotus.

Well-developed backdoor can harvest information from restaurants, bars and hotels, researchers say

by Joe Warminsky • 4 months ago

A point-of-sale-system widely used in the hospitality industry is vulnerable to a backdoor, ESET reports.

Vietnamese hacking group OceanLotus uses imitation news sites to spread malware

by Shannon Vavra • 4 months ago

The latest findings come after Kaspersky uncovered an espionage effort involving the coronavirus pandemic.

More suspected North Korean malware identified after US alert on Kimsuky hackers

by Joe Warminsky • 4 months ago

Researchers say they combined government data with their own findings to identify previously undocumented spyware.