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Employees from Israeli spyware vendor Ability arrested in probe of 'significant' issues

by Jeff Stone • 1 month ago

Ability has faced legal scrutiny for years.

Rights groups probe investments in NSO Group’s private equity firm

by Sean Lyngaas • 5 months ago

Pension funds on both sides of the Atlantic are playing an unexpected role in the standoff between NSO Group and digital rights groups.

Facebook bans Israeli company that's been sharing disinfo on West African politics

by Shannon Vavra • 5 months ago

It's not just nation-states, businesses are starting to get in on the disinformation game.

Human rights groups to ask Israeli court to revoke NSO Group’s export license

by Sean Lyngaas • 5 months ago

The escalating confrontation with NSO Group comes after the company’s Pegasus spyware was reportedly used to track an Amnesty researcher.

It was 'inevitable' that bombs would fall in response to a cyberattack

by Shannon Vavra • 5 months ago

Israel's targeting of alleged Hamas hackers was the first instance of a 'kinetic' response to a cyberattack. But it wasn't a surprising outcome.

Lazarus rises in Israel with attempted hack of defense company, researchers say

by Sean Lyngaas • 7 months ago

A broken email in Hebrew lifted the veil on an operation targeting an Israeli defense company.

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