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Facebook tackles hacking groups with apparent ties to Palestine, Hamas

by Tim Starks • 2 weeks ago

Facebook said it took steps to halt hackers associated with Hamas, as well as Palestine's Preventive Security Service.

South Sudan worked with Israeli surveillance company to monitor citizens, Amnesty finds

by Shannon Vavra • 3 months ago

The government has a pervasive digital and physical surveillance regime, advocates say.

Researchers suggest 25 countries are using a kind of mobile spyware that monitors texts, location

by Tim Starks • 5 months ago

Circles exploits mobile phone vulnerabilities via a hard-to-detect bit of surveillance, according to Citizen Lab.

Suspected North Korean hackers who targeted job applicants prove more ambitious than first believed

by Tim Starks • 6 months ago

The tactic represents the kind of digital spying technique that would have given hackers access to machines belonging to job applicants positioned near military organizations — just the kind of targets that a foreign government would value.

Israel, UAE say they’re allies in cyberspace. They have plenty of tech power to draw upon.

by Sean Lyngaas • 7 months ago

The collaboration highlights the increasingly important role that cybersecurity plays in diplomatic relations.

North Korean hackers are targeting Israel's defense sector, Israel Ministry of Defense claims

by Shannon Vavra • 9 months ago

North Korean government-linked hackers have been targeting the Israeli defense sector with fake job offers.