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U.S. sanctions Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in response to Albanian cyberattack

by AJ Vicens

The July attacks involved multiple groups responsible for different aspects of the operation against Albania, researchers said.

Will spyware maker NSO Group's struggles reduce use of its eavesdropping tech? Critics doubt it.

by AJ Vicens

The company announced layoffs and a reorganization on Sunday, but spyware researchers doubt that will reduce the use of its technology.

Hacktivists claiming attack on Iranian steel facilities dump tranche of 'top secret documents'

by AJ Vicens

Incident just the latest iteration of the back and forth between Israeli and Iranianian-aligned hackers.

Iranian steel facilities suffer apparent cyberattacks

by AJ Vicens

The group behind the attacks have previously claimed attacks on Iranian targets, experts said.

Iranian hacking campaign that included former U.S. ambassador exposed

by AJ Vicens

The long-running operation involved hijacked email accounts, phony login pages and a legitimate ID verification service.

Previously unreported Lebanon-based hacking group targeting Israel, Microsoft says

by AJ Vicens

The new group is suspected of collaborating with "multiple" Iranian-linked hacking efforts.