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For foreign hackers, 2018 was all about subtlety, CrowdStrike says

by Jeff Stone • 2 days ago

Russian hackers need just 19 minutes to move through breached networks, the cybersecurity company said.

Former Air Force intelligence officer charged with espionage

by Greg Otto • 1 week ago

Monica Witt is accused of spying in a forthcoming indictment that will be unsealed Wednesday, the Department of Justice said.

'Chafer' group advances espionage tactics by hacking Windows machines in Middle East

by Jeff Stone • 3 weeks ago

The Chafer group deployed malware known as Remexi to hit a bunch of organizations, including one located in the U.S.

Facebook removes nearly 800 pages for magnifying state media throughout the Middle East

by Jeff Stone • 3 weeks ago

About 2 million accounts followed at least one of the pages, and nearly $30,0000 in advertising spending was tied to them, Facebook said.

Cyberthreats rise to the top at Senate hearing on worldwide dangers for U.S.

by Sean Lyngaas • 3 weeks ago

The hearing gives a snapshot of the threats at the forefront of U.S. intelligence chiefs’ minds, and foreign hacking featured prominently.

FireEye: New APT goes after individual targets by hitting telecom, travel companies

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 3 weeks ago

Say hello to APT39.

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