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Chinese state-sponsored hackers have become more brazen, prompting an NSA advisory

by Suzanne Smalley

Chinese hackers have become increasingly brazen and are doubling down on their efforts to steal intellectual property and compromise sensitive networks, according to National Security Agency cyber chief Rob Joyce.

Supreme Court poised to rewrite how social media confronts disinformation

by Suzanne Smalley

If the Supreme Court backs state efforts to limit platforms from curating content, online disinformation will surge, experts and tech companies say.

How one group of 'fellas' is winning the meme war in support of Ukraine

by Suzanne Smalley

The NAFO movement has become an important component of the information war playing out online between Russia and Ukraine.

'IT security issue' impacts multiple hospitals across several states

by AJ Vicens

In a statement CommonSpirit Health says it has taken certain systems offline as a precaution.

Hackers maintained deep access inside military organization's network, U.S. officials reveal

by Suzanne Smalley

A U.S. government cybersecurity advisory includes details about the sophisticated attack on an unnamed defense industrial base organization.

'Poisoned' Tor Browser tracks Chinese users' online history, location

by AJ Vicens

Attackers modified the popular anonymity-enabling Tor browser to track users in China and record browsing history, researchers said.