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UN cybercrime proposal could help autocrats stifle free speech, rights group says

by Sean Lyngaas • 6 days ago

Many cybercrime laws aren't really about cybercrime.

China-based hackers used front companies to hack Uighurs, Facebook says

by Sean Lyngaas • 2 months ago

Facebook’s investigators traced the Android developers to Beijing Best United Technology and Dalian 9Rush Technology.

Vietnamese hackers spent years harassing human rights activists with spyware

by Shannon Vavra • 3 months ago

OceanLotus has a vast array of tools at its disposal to conduct espionage.

Allegations of planted evidence raise questions about hacking ecosystem in India

by Shannon Vavra • 3 months ago

Outsiders allegedly planted malware on an activist's computer.

Warrantless searches of devices at border allowed, appeals court finds

by Shannon Vavra • 3 months ago

Privacy advocates are denouncing the ruling.

South Sudan worked with Israeli surveillance company to monitor citizens, Amnesty finds

by Shannon Vavra • 3 months ago

The government has a pervasive digital and physical surveillance regime, advocates say.