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Biden signs executive order demanding supply chain security review

by Tim Starks • 5 months ago

The supply chain review is a matter of economic and national security, the president said.

Pro-Huawei influence campaign exploits AI, fake content to prop up firm

by Shannon Vavra • 6 months ago

Influence campaigns online aren't just for governments — they're for business too, now.

No decisions yet on any changes to TikTok or Huawei cases, White House says

by Sean Lyngaas • 6 months ago

The Trump administration's actions against the two companies should be reviewed as part of a more "comprehensive strategy" on Chinese use of U.S. data and intellectual property, the White House said.

UK bill proposes stiff fines for companies that violate Huawei ban

by Joe Warminsky • 8 months ago

Legislation proposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government would levy fines of as much as 100,000 pounds per day.

Beijing floats a plan to protect Chinese companies from American cyber 'bullying'

by Jeff Stone • 11 months ago

The plan ranges from encouraging a rational approach to larger plans to stop mass surveillance.

Trump administration expands economic restrictions on Huawei

by Shannon Vavra • 12 months ago

The Department of Commerce announced Monday it is adding 38 Huawei affiliates to the U.S. government’s economic black list.