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Former US intelligence operatives charged with helping UAE hack rivals, Americans

by Tonya Riley • 4 days ago

The charges accuse three American citizens of helping the UAE spy on foreign rivals, activists and U.S. citizens.

New York man sentenced to 3 years for stealing students' nude photos after hacking their accounts

by Tonya Riley • 4 weeks ago

The hacker will pay $35,430 to SUNY-Plattsburg for hacking student emails.

Apple reopens legal fight against security firm Corellium, raising concerns for ethical hackers

by Tonya Riley • 1 month ago

The appeal comes less than a week after Apple settled the years-long legal dispute.

UK judge gives US a shot to appeal denial of Julian Assange's extradition

by Tonya Riley • 2 months ago

Will the WikilLeaks ringleader stay or will he go?

A Supreme Court ruling limits the reach of a landmark hacking law

by Tonya Riley • 4 months ago

The Supreme Court's 6-3 ruling is a significant step in limiting the bounds of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Biden administration unveils plan to defend electric sector from cyberattacks

by Shannon Vavra • 5 months ago

The Department of Energy is buckling down with a 100-day plan.