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Israeli hacking firm Ability under SEC investigation, adding to its woes

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 4 months ago

Ability Inc. is now facing SEC investigation, on top of multiple class action lawsuits, over the fact that it does not own the code to its flagship product.

Israeli hacking company NSO Group is on sale for more than $1 billion

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 4 months ago

The Israeli hacking firm best known for the Pegasus mobile malware is looking for a buyer.

'Amateurish' espionage campaign launched with leaked Hacking Team tools

by Chris Bing • 6 months ago

A mysterious group appears to be relying on hacking tools that were originally stolen from Italian surveillance company Hacking Team to spy on European government officials, think tanks and journalists, according to new research published Thursday by cybersecurity firm F-Secure.

Elite spies used leaked Hacking Team code to learn techniques and hide attacks

by Chris Bing • 8 months ago

Highly sophisticated hackers are poaching components from a leaked library of exploits originally created by infamous Italian spyware maker Hacking Team.

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