Equifax fined maximum penalty under 1998 UK data protection law

by Greg Otto • 1 month ago

The fine amounts to $664,000.

2020 Vision: California sees the future, and it looks like GDPR

by cyber_admin • 4 months ago

Op-ed: The California Consumer Privacy Act is set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. So what can we expect moving forward?

BigID raises $30 million for data protection compliance, months after last funding round

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 4 months ago

BigID says it uses machine learning and identity intelligence to help companies comply with data protection regulations like GDPR.

How GDPR has changed companies' data retention policies

by CyberScoop Staff • 4 months ago

Vera CEO Ajay Arora talks about how data security practices have changed after GDPR has gone into effect.

Data from 92 million accounts stolen from DNA testing site MyHeritage

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 5 months ago

The customer DNA and genealogy data that makes up the heart of the company's work is stored on systems segregated from the breached material, the company said.

McAfee CEO 'cautiously optimistic' on companies' ability to handle GDPR

by Greg Otto • 5 months ago

Christopher Young sees organizations working diligently to comply with the European rules, but there's only so much they can do ahead of the compliance deadline.

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