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FTC wants to know when financial data is compromised, will require encryption

by Tonya Riley • 7 months ago

The agency also tightened security requirements for financial institutions.

Momentum builds to strengthen FTC's role as privacy enforcer, though hurdles remain

by Tonya Riley • 8 months ago

The agency is poised for a reboot.

FTC proposes first stalkerware ban, promises to toughen stance on abusive apps

by Tonya Riley • 9 months ago

It's the agency's biggest crackdown to date.

FTC's right-to-repair ruling is a small step for security researchers, giant leap for DIY hackers

by Tonya Riley • 10 months ago

The ruling helps some hackers, but not all.

New legislation would boost the FTC's role in fighting ransomware

by Tonya Riley • 10 months ago

Congress is looking for ways to help agencies take on the growing threat.

25 bogus Google Play store apps promised to mine cryptocurrency for a fee, scamming wannabe investors

by Tonya Riley • 11 months ago

Lookout estimates that the apps have scammed more than 93,000 victims out of $350,000.