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Russia's FSB announces sting against members of REvil cybercrime gang

by Joe Warminsky • 4 days ago

The security service said it executed the sting at locations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and elsewhere.

Belarus: Cyber upstart, or Russian staging ground?

by Gavin Wilde, Justin Sherman • 5 days ago

The White House needs to watch the growing cyber integration between Belarus and the Kremlin.

Ukraine exposes expansive Russian hacking operation targeting its government, infrastructure

by AJ Vicens • 2 months ago

Ukraine doxxed phone calls from the hackers, known in Ukraine as "Armageddon" but as Gamaredon elsewhere.

Notorious Russian ransomware gang Evil Corp. reportedly hit Sinclair Broadcast Group

by AJ Vicens • 3 months ago

The group appears to be trying to circumvent U.S. sanctions with another iteration of its malware.

Chinese hackers implicated in breach of Russian government agencies

by Sean Lyngaas • 7 months ago

An unusual report from Russia's Federal Security Service has caused a stir.

U.S. government accuses Russian companies of recruiting spies, hacking for Moscow

by Shannon Vavra • 9 months ago

Russia's espionage network allegedly has far-reaching tentacles into the world of contractors and billion dollar firms.