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Robocalls keep spamming Americans, in part because of their cyber tools

by Tim Starks • 8 months ago

Robocalls are back on the rise after a pandemic reprieve, and scammers are learning new tricks.

FCC officially names Huawei, ZTE as national security risks

by Jeff Stone • 1 year ago

The decision takes effect immediately, and it primarily affects how U.S. telecom companies can access money from the $8.3 billion Universal Service Fund, which is intended to expand access to phone services.

American companies protest FCC pressure on Huawei

by Ryan Duffy • 3 years ago

“Ripping out and replacing” a raft of Chinese-made telecom gear won’t be easy, a group of American companies protested to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). A collective of trade groups representing smaller American service providers joined with prominent Chinese telecom Huawei in slamming the FCC’s proposal to ban American telecoms from using federal subsidies to purchase Chinese-made equipment.

U.S. poised to deny China Mobile access to American market due to spying fears

by Ryan Duffy • 3 years ago

On Monday, the Trump administration moved to block a large Chinese telecommunications company from entering the U.S. market, recommending that its application be rejected on national security grounds.

Was the recent flood of traffic to FCC's website actually a DDoS attack?

by Chris Bing • 4 years ago

Cybersecurity experts have cast doubt on the Federal Communications Commission’s claim that it was the target of a distributed denial of service attack soon after TV host John Oliver asked his viewers to leave comments on FCC.gov.

FCC abandons plans for rules on IoT cybersecurity

by Shaun Waterman • 5 years ago

The first word of the proposed IoT cyber rule comes as the agency announces officials have stopped work on it.