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Anonymous hacker, who bragged about exploits on TikTok, says he was raided by Canadian police

by AJ Vicens

Aubrey Cottle, known for his ties to the hacktivist collective Anonymous, took responsibility for multiple hacks on his TikTok channel.

State Department bounty program for cybercriminal tips has 'born fruit,' top FBI official says

by Suzanne Smalley

A top FBI cyber official says the program encourages people with intimate knowledge of cybercrime to report details to the U.S. government.

Another European nation hit by hackers, Montenegro grapples with ongoing ransomware attack

by AJ Vicens

The wave of digital assaults on Montenegro includes a ransomware attack that's crippled multiple government services.

House leaders demand law enforcement agencies provide details on use of private data

by Tonya Riley

Public records and reporting has revealed that federal agencies have spent millions of dollars on contracts with massive data brokers.

On security researcher's newsletter, exposing cybercriminals behind ransomware

by AJ Vicens

An anonymous researcher shares detailed information on people allegedly involved with some of the most prominent cybercrime groups.

FBI director expects onslaught of digital assaults targeting midterm elections

by Suzanne Smalley

The FBI is working with U.S. Cyber Command to combat election threats that include disinformation operations and potential cyberattacks.