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Lawmakers ask Google, Facebook not to work with Vietnamese government on new data laws

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 weeks ago

Lawmakers object to a heavy-handed Vietnamese law that requires tech companies to remove content within 24 hours of getting a request from Vietnamese authorities.

Apple reports spike in national security requests amid promises of more transparency

by Mark Satter • 3 months ago

The number of U.S. national security-related data requests to Apple Inc. more than doubled last year, according to a biannual transparency report released by the tech goliath Friday.

Facebook no longer requires phone numbers for multi-factor authentication

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 3 months ago

The social media giant delivers another blow to the use of SMS for authentication purposes.

Pakistani military leverages Facebook Messenger for wide-ranging spyware campaign

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 3 months ago

The malware, dubbed Stealth Mango and Tangelo, appears to have successfully compromised government officials, medical professionals and civilians around the world.

Chrome malware targets cryptocurrency, spreads through Facebook's Messenger

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 4 months ago

A phishing scam via Facebook Messenger has led to the spread of "FacexWorm."

48 million profiles left exposed by data scraping firm, report says

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 4 months ago

The exposed data includes detailed information scraped from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zillow.

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