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FortiGuard Labs’ new threat report shows alarming trends in cybercrime

by CyberScoop Staff

Cybercriminals are investing in weaponized techniques to penetrate systems at the same level of sophistication as nation state actors and APT groups, says Derek Manky.

New guidance on zero trust details more prescriptive implementation practices

by CyberScoop Staff

The ZTA practice guide, recently released by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, signals a turning point for organizations implementing zero trust, says Okta’s Sean Frazier.

Key defensive strategies to combat cyber adversaries in a heightened threat environment

by CyberScoop Staff

Security expert Jim Richberg discusses three key defense strategies to combat more sophisticated and clandestine cybercrime groups.

Why cybersecurity must be part of national infrastructure investments

by CyberScoop Staff

Fortinet Public Sector CISO Jim Richberg makes the case for why state and local officials must keep cybersecurity top of mind as they tap federal infrastructure funding.

Improved cyber-hygiene key to reducing attack surface risks

by CyberScoop Staff

One cyber chief suggests that IT leaders focus greater attention on improving cybersecurity risk management.

Strengthening the ‘cyber kill chain’ to combat modern threats

by CyberScoop Staff

FortiGuard Labs’ Derek Manky on defending against advanced persistent cybercrime.