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Apple will encrypt iCloud backups, addressing longstanding criticism

by Tonya Riley

Privacy groups said the encryption features — which require users to opt in — are welcome but long overdue.

Elon Musk wants encrypted messaging for Twitter. It might not be that simple.

by Tonya Riley

Experts are skeptical that Musk can execute while addressing the serious safety concerns that a move to encrypted messaging entails.

Mark Zuckerberg tells employees Facebook's 'encryption' will protect abortion-seeking users

by Tonya Riley

Facebook has said it plans to fully roll out end-to-end encryption across its services by mid-2023.

White House cyber official: U.S. beating China in race to quantum supremacy

by Suzanne Smalley

A White House official overseeing cyber said Monday that the U.S. is beating China in a race for quantum supremacy but at least one expert called that premise debatable.

FBI joins other intelligence agencies in warning about Russia

by Tonya Riley

The assistant director of the bureau's cyber division told lawmakers the FBI was doing its best to provide real-time updates to industry.

EARN IT Act gets no changes to encryption language in Senate committee

by Tonya Riley

The bill would remove legal liability immunity from tech platforms found in violation of laws regarding child sexual abuse materials. But civil society groups see a dangerous potential side effect.