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Elon Musk wants encrypted messaging for Twitter. It might not be that simple.

by Tonya Riley

Experts are skeptical that Musk can execute while addressing the serious safety concerns that a move to encrypted messaging entails.

Beyond Trump, Twitter welcomes back purveyors of far-right disinformation

by Suzanne Smalley

Soon after allowing Trump's return to Twitter, Musk brought back other accounts that have promoted disinformation frequently in the past.

Senate Democrats call on FTC to investigate Twitter's data security

by Tonya Riley

Lawmakers worry that Elon Musk's hasty changes on the Twitter platform such as altering its verification service could harm consumers.

Losses to cryptocurrency scams top $1B, FTC reports

by Tonya Riley

Nearly half of the scams originated on social media.

Musk's plans to make Twitter's algorithms public raises disinformation conundrum

by Tonya Riley

Opening up the algorithms might not lead to hacks, but cyber mischief could still follow.

UK man arrested in connection with massive Twitter hack, alleged cyberstalking

by Tonya Riley

The high profile hack compromised the accounts of 130 victims.