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Electric power industry puts cybersecurity to forefront with Trump, lawmakers

by Chris Bing • 11 months ago

The electric power industry is pushing to have their cybersecurity concerns heard by the Trump administration. Electric company executives last week met with top administration officials, including Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and acting deputy undersecretary for the Homeland Security Department’s cyber division Jeanette Manfra, to discuss collaborative efforts concerning power grid security, incident response and cyber threat information sharing programs, Politico first reported. These meetings were described as an initial opportunity for the public and private sector to speak about relevant, shared goals and priorities.

DOE tries to spur development of defenses against Ukraine-style electrical grid cyberattack

by Chris Bing • 12 months ago

The Department of Energy doled out $4 million in grant funding earlier this month to four different cybersecurity firms in an effort to spur the development of new technology that can help protect against electrical grid cyberattacks. The move comes just three months after a complex cyberattack aimed at Ukrainian energy company Ukrenergo caused widespread blackouts across northern Kiev.

DOE warns of potentially 'imminent' cyberattack on power grid

by Chris Bing • 1 year ago

Privately owned infrastructure used to deliver electricity to U.S. homes, hospitals and businesses is in ”imminent danger" of cyberattacks, the Energy Department warned Friday in a massive 494-page report.

Energy grid cybersecurity: U.S. and Canada look to bolster connections

by Chris Bing • 1 year ago

Politicians in the U.S. and Canada have invested resources in the development of cross border energy programs and infrastructure for decades. Today, U.S. officials fear that some of these same collaborative engineering platforms are providing hackers with a system that is more vulnerable to cyberattacks of “significant consequence.”

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