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New research analyzes industrial cybersecurity maturity

by CyberScoop Staff • 2 weeks ago

What leaders should know when establishing a unified IT and operational technology approach to close security gaps that leave organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Using evolutionary game theory to mitigate ransomware risks

by CyberScoop Staff • 1 month ago

New research from Dragos shows how organizations can apply EGT to quantify security risks in complex enterprise networks, especially those integrated with operational technology.

The benefits of understanding industrial cybersecurity

by CyberScoop Staff • 2 months ago

What leaders should know about the absence of effective operational technology cybersecurity and how digital transformation of OT systems can exacerbate cybersecurity risk.

Botnet traced to computer at hacked Florida water plant

by Sean Lyngaas • 8 months ago

Two very different types of hackers can be on the same network simultaneously, with the victim none the wiser.

Florida hack highlights security shortages in US water sector

by Sean Lyngaas • 12 months ago

Awareness is the sector is growing, but cybersecurity resources are a challenge.

Dragos raises $110 million from Koch Industries, Saudi Aramco, National Grid investment arms

by Sean Lyngaas • 1 year ago

Major industrial organizations are signaling that state-affiliated hackers will be a persistent threat for years to come.