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Securiosity: DHS's DNS Problem

by CyberScoop Staff • 3 weeks ago

The federal government's cybersecurity operational problems and Magecart talk. All in one podcast.

Broad DNS hijacking campaign could originate in Middle East: FireEye

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 1 month ago

The campaign is targeting organizations in the Middle East, North America and Europe, researchers say.

Government website encryption needs help from DHS, Sen. Wyden says

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 months ago

Despite significant improvements to government website encryption, some metadata is still transmitted insecurely, the Oregon Democrat said.

Why DNS resolvers are having a moment

by CyberScoop Staff • 10 months ago

Quad9 Executive Director John Todd talked with Greg Otto at the 2018 RSA conference about the service’s growth, and what it means in the quest to improve basic cyber hygiene.

Internet infrastructure server hijacked for $152,000 Ether theft

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 10 months ago

A heist carried out through the DNS tubes.

Newly uncovered malware uses DNS requests to siphon credit card data

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 1 year ago

Normally, point-of-sale malware uses HTTP requests to exfiltrate data. Using DNS requests allows attackers to avoid detection.

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