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Facebook bans Israeli company that's been sharing disinfo on West African politics

by Shannon Vavra • 6 days ago

It's not just nation-states, businesses are starting to get in on the disinformation game.

'Typosquatting' campaign imitated news outlets to spread propaganda for years, report says

by Jeff Stone • 1 week ago

The effort demonstrates how propagandists have adopted the SEO and social media tactics that real outlets have used to increase audience engagement.

Facebook takes down Russian-linked disinformation targeting Ukraine

by Shannon Vavra • 2 weeks ago

Researchers tell CyberScoop that there is not enough information to pin this campaign on the Kremlin.

Facebook removes accounts for masquerading as news outlets in the Middle East

by Jeff Stone • 2 months ago

Facebook in recent months has announced similar takedowns of accounts targeting users in Moldova and for spreading disinformation in the Middle East.

Nearly 6,000 Twitter accounts magnified recent far-right messaging on Brexit, F-Secure says

by Jeff Stone • 2 months ago

Typical messages examined during the timeframe in question included posts criticizing credible media outlets, accusations that immigrants were killing house pets, and graphic images of violent protests.

How China used Western social media for a late-2018 charm offensive

by Jeff Stone • 3 months ago

Xinhua, People’s Daily and others sought to subtly manipulate public opinion in the U.S. by promoting flattering images of Chinese culture, including tourist destinations and panda bears.

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