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After a quiet election night on the cyber front, officials preach vigilance as results come in

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 weeks ago

As the nation awaits results, U.S. officials are on alert for disinformation campaigns as well as cheap cyberattacks on websites.

The lowly DDoS attack is still a viable threat for undermining elections

by Tim Starks • 1 month ago

They won't change votes. But DDoS attacks can stir up a little havoc.

No, that wasn't a DDoS attack, just a cellular outage

by Jeff Stone • 6 months ago

No, the T-mobile outage was not, in fact, a DDoS attack.

Denial of service attacks against advocacy groups skyrocket

by Jeff Stone • 6 months ago

Internet security firm Cloudflare, which published the figures, didn't say which sites were most affected.

Dutch police orchestrate takedown of 15 DDoS-for-hire services

by Shannon Vavra • 8 months ago

They also arrested someone suspected to be behind a DDoS attack against websites providing information on the coronavirus.

Who is World Wired Labs and why are they selling an Android trojan?

by Shannon Vavra • 8 months ago

BlackBerry Cylance researchers think they've found a possible shell company for Chinese hackers known as the Winnti group.

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