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UN cybercrime proposal could help autocrats stifle free speech, rights group says

by Sean Lyngaas • 6 months ago

Many cybercrime laws aren't really about cybercrime.

House green lights new State Department cyber bureau

by Shannon Vavra • 6 months ago

The Cyber Diplomacy Act is back in action.

US intelligence report warns of increased offensive cyber, disinformation around the world

by Shannon Vavra • 7 months ago

The National Intelligence Council weighs in.

What gets lost in ‘cyber Pearl Harbor'-style rhetoric

by Shannon Vavra • 7 months ago

Leon Panetta and Ciaran Martin weigh in.

New global model needed to dismantle ransomware gangs, experts warn

by Shannon Vavra • 7 months ago

Tackling ransomware gangs globally is a tall order, but a path forward is taking shape.

Estonia's diplomacy training aims to shape state behavior in cyberspace

by Shannon Vavra • 9 months ago

Back by popular demand, it's the third-ever Estonia cyber diplomacy school.