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As investigation against Assange is dropped, WikiLeaks releases new CIA malware

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 5 days ago

"Athena" is malware created by a military contractor and used by the CIA.

Shadow Brokers return to taunt U.S. government after ransomware spread

by Chris Bing • 1 week ago

A mysterious group known for publishing highly classified computer code developed by the National Security Agency returned to the limelight Tuesday with a cryptic message concerning the future release of other government hacking tools and secretive information, including “network data from Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean nuclear missile programs.”

This hacking group with suspected ties to the Vietnamese government is wreaking havoc

by Chris Bing • 1 week ago

Known as APT32 or OceanLotus the group has been actively conducting cyber-espionage missions against valuable corporations, foreign governments, dissidents and domestic journalists since at least 2014, according to new research conducted by cybersecurity firm FireEye.

U.S. intel officials slam Kaspersky while CEO calls fears of Russian influence 'unfounded conspiracy theories'

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 2 weeks ago

"Sometimes people are suspicious because of all the hype about Russia and Russians, that makes our lives harder," Eugene Kaspersky said.

U.S. warns of 'emerging' global cyber-espionage campaign by Chinese hackers

by Chris Bing • 4 weeks ago

An "emerging" international cyber-espionage campaign by a group with suspected ties to the Chinese government is affecting a growing number of companies globally, according to a warning from the U.S. government.

Shadow Brokers leaks show U.S. spies successfully hacked Russian, Iranian targets

by Chris Bing • 1 month ago

The leaks show which organizations were targeted by the NSA and what tools were used to compromise them.

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